Contact us

You can order a copy of any of the PHSP guides by sending your postal address to:

or by post to:

Access Project,
39 Bradley Gardens, West Ealing,
London W13 8HE, UK.

The guides are distributed without charge, but we ask for a donation of £10 to cover printing and postage. If you download pdfs of the new edition, we’d appreciate a small donation.

Cheques are payable to Access Project if drawn on a British bank.
If you want us to send you copies it is essential to send us your postal address.

If orders are coming from abroad, please send CASH in your local currency, or use PayPal. We have a UK Business Account with PayPal ( called Access Project (Gordon Couch) with the e-mail address
If you are ordering the guide from overseas, we would request a larger donation as it costs US$ 10-15 just for postage.

Note that small cheques drawn on a foreign bank are almost valueless, as the bank charges up to US$15-20 to process them, so we get no money at all for a small cheque!

If you are downloading the PDFs please send us a donation of about US$5, €5 or £2.50 for each one.