The guidebook

OUR WEBSITE IS CURRENTLY BEING WORKED ON AND ADDED TO (Feburary 2014) based on research for a new edition of the guidebook. About 80% of the new information is now on the website in the form of readable and downloadable pdfs which update the 2003 edition of the book. It picks up on some of the legacy from the Olympics.

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the Accommodation, Getting around, Shops and Sports grounds chapters

also for Places of interestMuseums and galleries and for Places of worship (all three are to be found under Major sights)

There are descriptions of several sites/sights outside the N/S circular roads on another page, but still under Major sights

Other sections and chapters will follow.  On the Methodology page you will find a list of abbreviations, and of the definitions we use for describing toilets and lifts. We also compare our information with that from other sources.

NOTE THAT the web files include easy links to websites and e-mail addresses. 

Access in London is a well established and well researched guide, published in 1984, 1989, 1996 and 2003. Nearly all of the information is collected by visit, and it reflects the experiences of disabled people who want to get around. It is part of a series published by Pauline Hephaistos Survey Projects since the 1970s to places as diverse as Paris, Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Jersey, Norway, Brittany and the Loire Valley.

The guide is still the only integrated source of access information about London which links everything together, covering accommodation, the transport system and descriptions of the major sights and places of interest.

We are currently writing the final text for a new edition to be published in 2013 which will pick up on some of the legacy of the Olympics. Information is being progressively published here, on the website.

THE ACCOMMODATION SECTION WAS ADDED DURING AUGUST 2012 (initially as a pdf file), as this is probably the most important chapter for anyone planning a visit.

The Paris and Israel pages contain information gathered just before their publication in 2008 and 2000 respectively. The London pages here include recently collected information, and finished chapters for the book.

In the short term the 2003 London edition (see below) still contains useful and unique information.

The book was researched by Pauline Hephaistos Survey Projects (PHSP) with assistance from Artsline. The 2003 edition has 438 pages. Although apparently quite old it still has a wealth of useful information and advice.

If you want a copy, please send your address to:

Access Project (PHSP),
39 Bradley Gardens,
West Ealing,
W13 8HE, UK

or e-mail:

The guides are distributed without charge, but we ask for a donation of £5 to cover printing and postage, and if you’d like to include an additional amount, we’d be most grateful. Similarly, if you download pdfs of the new edition, we’d appreciate a small donation.

Cheques are payable to Access Project if drawn on a British bank. For orders coming from abroad, please send CASH in your local currency, or use PayPal. We have a UK Business Account with PayPal ( called Access Project (Gordon Couch) with the e-mail address
Note that small cheques drawn on a foreign bank are almost valueless, as the bank charges up to US$15/20 to process them, so we get no money at all for a small cheque !

It is planned that the new guide contents in 2012 will consist of:

  • Introduction
    • How the guide is arranged
    • Units and definitions
  • General Information
    • Climate
    • Emergencies
    • Maps and guides
    • Telephones
  • Specialised information
    • Contact points
    • Equipment repair and hire
    • Facilities for those with hearing impairment
    • Textphones
    • Facilities for those with visual impairment
    • Price concessions
    • Toilets
    • Useful websites
  • Travelling and getting around
    • Arriving by:
      • Air
      • Coach
      • Rail
    • Getting around:
      • By car or minibus
      • Parking
      • By taxi and minicab
      • Transport for London
      • Services for London residents
  • Accommodation
    • Hotels (60+ accessible hotels)
    • Camping
    • Hostels
  • Places of interest
    • Inner London (60 places)
    • Outer London (20 places)
  • Places of worship
    • Abbeys and cathedrals (5)
    • Churches (25)
    • Mosques, synagogues and temples (10)
  • Museums & galleries
    • Inner London (40)
    • Outer London (7)
  • Days out
    • Beyond the north/south circular roads (10 sites)
    • Outside the M25 (20 sites)
    • Lee Valley (12 sites)
  • Entertainment
    • Arts centres (10)
    • Pubs and bars
    • Places for afternoon tea (8)
  • Shops
    • Central (30)
    • Suburban centres (12)
  • Sport
    • Cricket (Lords and the Oval)
    • Rugby (Twickenham)
    • Soccer (11 grounds)
    • Tennis (at Wimbledon)
  • Annual events
  • Open air activities
    • Boating and river trips
    • Markets
    • Parks
  • Recommended itineraries
  • Good loo guide
    • (listing and mapping of ~150 accessible toilets)

Maps and artwork include:

  • links to and from accessible rail stations (out as far as Guildford, Reading, Watford, Romford, Sevenoaks, Gatwick and Epsom)
  • accessible travel links on London’s underground system
  • hotels location
  • a diagram of accessible routes around the Tower of London
  • a diagram of accessible routes around the Palace of Westminster
  • a diagram of how to approach the South Bank Arts Centre
  • the location of the principal shops
  • maps of good accessible toilets in central London

The whole website will gradually be updated through 2013, so there may be a few glitches as you search through for particular information.